The Celestial Queen

"All-ruling Virgin, bearing heavenly light, Horn'd, and alone desir'd by mortal kind; O Vernal Queen whom grassy plains delight, Sweet to the smell, and pleasing to the Sight; Who's holy form in budding fruits we view,," (From the Orphic Hymns)

When the game of Chess arrived in Europe, the French renamed the figure of the Queen, "La Dame", meaning a young girl or woman, but with the added connotation of its original Arabic name of "Fierz", or "Fierce". This interpretation was made when the movement rule and power of the figure was increased to its present status during the resurgence of Romantic or Chivalric idealism in European Middle age society around the 1400's. This was an era that attempted to restore honor and priviledge to feminine aspects or virtues, much to the chagrin and alarm of the male dominated religious structure of the Roman Church of that era. The Italian name for the figure was "Rabioso", which means much the same thing as "Fierce" but possibly with an hint of "Rabid" or madness, LOL! Consequently the Roman Church attempted to ban Chess playing altogether! The facet structure of the Celestial Queen reflects this issue which is still alive today. The front-9 + side-8 total of 17 denotes an appropriate yearly age still associated with young maidenhood on the verge of womanhood in many contemporary cultures. The gematric associations of this number are as profound as they are obscure, just as a rare gem should be.

At the end of the previous section on the Celestial King, I presented an equation that referred to the "Vesica Piscis" geometric form of the root 3 rectangle ratio of 1;1.1732 etc, that connected it to the diameter of the actual facet total of the King figure of circumference 2220. This resulted in the equation, 706.6479 x 1.732 = 1223.95, or 1224: "IXTHYES"-Fishes, which is also, 17 x 72. In this case, this value represents a dual connotation of the Celestial Queen as, "8 + 9" = 17 x "8 x 9" = 72. These two mathematical symbols interestingly enough, denote the course of the Queen figure on the Chessboard. The sum of the numbers 1-17 = 153 was of great interest and reverence to the ancient gnostic geometers, such that this value is found in the New Testament book of John 21:11. , concerning a miraculous draught of fishes caught in, "To Diktyon"-The Net, which in the Greek gematria system also totals 1224, or 153 x 8. How all of these numerous associations come together, can be found in the phrase, "APXE PARTHENOS"-1224, meaning either Arch, as in Head or First Virgin. The reader won't find that phrase anywhere else in current literature devoted to this subject, or this next one which is the product of the Celestial Queen facet total 17 x SC-37 = 629. Much of the obscure nature of this topic has to do with the gematric value of the word, "Arreton"-629, which I described in the Celestial King section as meaning "Ineffable" in English. Many of the values presented in this section are found to be irrationals, which is why Plato ascribed to them this association. Be that as it may, I ascribe another connotation to the phrase value in the variant word form of Ark as, "Argha"-113 + Parthenos-515" = 628 + 1. This variant name is derived from the ancient Sanskrit name for the Womb, and is referenced in the Russian mystic, Helena P. Blavatsky's huge tome, "The Secret Doctrine" . The next illustration shows how this figure fits into the Celestial Queen's overall structure.

In the gnostic Christian traditions, this "Womb" belongs to none other than, 1.7 x 113 = 192.1 or "Mariam"-192. This value is 24 x 8, which if added to the name of "IHSOUS-Jesus"-24 x SC-37 = 888, the sum of 192 + 888 = 1080, which is the value of the phrase "To Pneuma Agion"-The Holy Spirit. The value 1080 / 24 = 45 , and then multiplied by the SC-37 unit totals 1665, which equates to the phrase given by John Michell in "City of Revelation", as - "The Spirit of the Earth". This is what the Celestial Queen's title animation picture shows. However, there is another phrase title just as appropriate as, "Mariam -192 + Theotokos-Godbearer-1474" = 1666-1. This gematric formula is found in the groundplan of the "Chapel of Mary" located in the later ruins of Glastonbury abbey in England as Michell presents in his book. Traditions hold that this was the site of the first or original temple of Christian worship by members of the original disciples of Jesus in England. All of these gemantic values have been determined to have a metrological significance as units of the Earth's circumference which predate the Christian era by thousands of years, which will be presented later.

It should be obvious to the reader where this presentation section is leading, ie; some miraculous "Conception", right? That would be a good "Assumption" in the reader's Mind or "Nous"-720 since 45 x 16 = 720 right?. The Greek word for "Conception" is "Katabolh"-432 . It has much the same meaning and value as the word "Aporroia"-432 , that was referenced in the introductin section topic of "To Musterion or,The Mystery -1548". The English word "Appear" is derived from it and has the same relevant meaning. When these word values are multiplied by the phrases mentioned so far as "The Spirit of the Earth"-1665", or "Mariam -192 + Theotokos-Godbearer-1474" = 1666-1, the product of the equation is, 432 x 1665 = 719,280, which is the same as "To Pneuma Agion, or The Holy Spirit"-1080 x 666.

The reciprocal root of sq.rt.3, or .732etc. x "Spirit of the Earth"-1665 = "Ixthys-Fish, or Poseidon"-1219 interestingly enough. But I think I will wait until I get to the interpretation of the Rook of Celestial Chessworks, to tie all of these loose factors together. The relationship of the Celestial Queen figure to the Mercurial Chessboard of 64 squares, which signifies the "Spiritual Conception of the Earth", is in the magic square total of,1-64 = 2080 , divided by "Nous-Mind"-720 = 2.8888etc. whose square root is very nearly, 1.7 .

The Holy Rood

The previous summer, I had the pleasure of corresponding with an interesting web author named Graham Oaten, who has been investigation ancient metrology and is carrying on the research of John Michell to a new level of interest. Although he had removed most of his website at the initial beginning of this section of the presentation, I discovered at the time of this writing that he has posted his overall diagram theme on the site, "Foundation Metrology" In this site, he shows additional information concerning the ancient Egyptian/British metrological system, and even gives out some of the Greek gematric associative terms, that I have been using in this presentation as referenced in one of his webpages entitled, Greek Isopsephia. One of the diagrams gives out the information pertaining to the ancient Saxon units of land measures that are still based on this connection such as the quarter acre unit called a "Rood" of 10890, or 33 x 33 x 10 sq. ft. This measure is closely defined as, 17 x 640 = 10880 +10, which is within the colel rule of 1, in the gematric system and its decimal multiples. It is also one "English Rod" of 16.5 ft. X 66 ft. The "Holy Rood", also meaning "Rod" , is another name for the Cross of Jesus as many already know. But most people associate that symbol as pertaining to the death of Jesus. How many consider it a factor of his "Conception"?

In that case, the Celestial King and Queen will have to get united somehow. There are a number of ways to visualize this process by associating the Vesica ratio as a "Rood" cross. Using the Celestial King's actual facet total 60 / 1.732, the width of this cross axis is 34.641, which is a diameter of a circumference, 108.828, which is a multiple of the quarter Rood acre of 1089 sq. ft. Now if this width value 34.641 divided by 12 , to denote the twelve 30 degree sections of the Zodiac band or Ring, perhaps? This gives the value of 2.88675 , which is then further reduced to it's square root of very nearly 1.7, just a bit snug, but overall a pretty good fit, eh? The difference in the overall value is once again interesting as well. It amounts to 60 + 1/14.80(Xpistos)or 60.0675 etc., /1.732etc. = 34.68/12 = 2.89 or 1.7 squared.

The "Actual" facet total of the Celestial Queen is 30 x 37 = 1110, which equates to the phrase, The Micro-Cosmos or,"O'MIKROS KOSMOS"-1110 . Hence the aforesaid reduction process. The interesting thing about this Celestial couple, is that their actual facet values are complimentary angles of an equilateral triangle such that the sine of ,60 degrees, is the co-sine of 30 degrees. But look what happens when the sine of 60 degrees is inverted, or 1/.8660 etc. = 1.154 x 12 = 13.8564 sq. = 192-Mariam . Looks like a match made in Heaven so far. But just to make sure, I better double check. In the Celestial King section, the equation introducing the Celestial Queen was stated to be, 2220 / Pi,(another ring?), = 706.6479 diameter, which has the radius of 353.3239 or "'Ermes" , and further divided by this Zodiac band of 12 signs yields, 29.44366 days, which is a very close fit for the value of the Lunar monthly cycle. If this value is again reduced by the Vesica Cross ratioor 1.732etc., it once again generates very nearly 17, or just a bit snug for a good fit. LOL!

Now I have presented enough information on the Celestial Queen to perform a bit of geomancy magic. In John Michell's book, "Ancient Metrology, The Dimensions of Stonehenge and of the Whole World as therein symbolised", published in 1981, he references the Smithsonian Geographical Table information on the varying degrees of the nautical mile at the pole and equator. He references the value of the English Admiralty nautical mile as being 6080 ft., but doesn't state what this value is based on exactly. The intent behind this figure goes from Terrestrial to Celestial in that 2150 years gives a very close value for the phenomena of the "Precession of the Vernal Equinox" month, of which we are currently transiting from Pisces the Fishes, to Aquarius. And 215 is the diagonal of a square of side Maria-152 x 40 = 6080 ft. And of course, Maria is a variant of the Latin Mare meaning, Sea.

The traditional or "Canonical" value is 72 yrs. per degree however, none of the ancient historical academic records show this highly accurate value of 215/3 = 71.666 years per degree, Do They?! Most of the available historic records reference the calculation of this cycle from a star in the constellation Virgo called Spica, by the ancient astronomers such as Hipparchos, who is attributed as its discoverer around 150 BC. , according to Ptolemy. Interesting also, is this star's name that translates to another Greek gematric phrase linking it to the Celestial King multiple 2220-"A Grain of Wheat". Many other early astronomers later on, give varying yearly amounts plus or minus the actual value, but whether this was done on purpose is still a mystery, although it is not the issue here. What is relevant is the use of grain in our earliest measurement systems, that is still retained in certain applications to this day. For example, three barleycorns th the inch, as well as measures of weights of valuable metals and jewels in grains to gold Troy ounces. Only a few people today are examining these issues in the light of the language values of these ancient cultures, at least publicly.

To tie in this concept of the nautical mile to the Celestial Precession one has to establish a good value of this mile at the latitudes of the Ecliptic bands of the Tropics, which have slowly altered their positions over the centuries since record keeping of ancient cultures began. Plato gave the figure of 24 degrees for this angle of tilt of the Earth axis in his day, which today has been reduced to around 23.5 degrees due to a known fluctuation wobble effect. At 24 degrees latitude,the nautical mile is close to 6062.5 ft, which make a difference 16.5 ft., or "One English Rod", in the Equator value of around 6046 ft. (Michell's data gives a length of 6045.6 ft) This difference amounts to 17.5 ft., from the Admiralty nautical mile value of 6080 ft.,to the 24 degree Tropical value. The total difference is then, 17.5 + 16.5 = 34 ft., or 17 x 2.

By now the reader will probably want to know what this curious bit of geomantic magic signifies. What does the double variant values of 17 represent? The transition of a young maiden who was traditionally following the virginity rule of the goddess Artemis-Moon-9, in the Greek traditions, to that of Aphrodite, Eros, or Venus-7, whose magic square line total is, 1-49 = 1225/7 = 175. Isn't Love Grand! Looks like it might me a Nautical wedding, or perhaps a Honeymoon cruise, LOL! So all that is necessary now are a few more props for this occasion. If this double value of 34 pertaining to the Queen, which was erroneously?, mentioned in my previous website as the "Actual" facet total of the Queen, is once again multiplied by the Vesica Cross ratio, and the SC-37 unit, the equation produces the value 2178, which J. Michell references in "City of Revelation", as being the sum of the phrases, "H' Xibotos Ths Diathhxhs"-Ark of the Covenant, and "Eis Polytimos Magyarths"-One Pearl of Great Price. Well, an "Ark", is also a Ship isn't it? This value is also a 2178 x 10 ft. "half acre" measure in English metrology.

The Alchymical Wedding

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