Ok, so what do I mean by Semi-Celestial Knight? The Knight of Celestial Chessworks is a paradox of duality, much like the paradox of a photon or electron being both a particle and a wave. It functions as the axial fulcrum of this entire presentation, in that it connects all the sometimes incongruent parts of the design into a matrix whole. Let's face it, matters pertaining to spiritual concepts, beliefs, etc., have to be presented through one's "imagination", and then conveyed through diagrams or words to others. No one can see directly into the mind of another as far as I know as yet anyhow. The Knight therefore, has the sometimes daunting task of tying Celestial to Terrestrial or, "spirit to matter". This concept is found in the "movement" of the Knight in the game of Chess, in that it has the limited power of both a Bishop and Rook combined into one movement. With this primary concept in mind, it's time to analyse the facet structure of this figure to see what can be discovered, but remember, if this figure starts talking with a "Forked Tongue", oh well,,,:)

Starting with the "Actual" number of facets of the 3-dimensional figure of 41, the first clue is that this value is the Moon square's unit multiple, ie; 1-81 = 3321 = 41 x 81. When this value is multiplied by the Sun square unit multiple or,SC-37, it gives a product of 1517. This value corresponds to the Greek gematric phrase, "Sophia kai Dynamis"-1517, "Wisdom and Power" in English. This phrase is found in Peter Sault's previously referenced website, "Odeion" in the section on F. Bligh Bond's book entitled, Gematria An additional phrase referenced there of the same value is, "H'APXH KOSMOU"-1517, which I translate as, "The First(or Primary Beginning)Cosmos(Universe)". Both of these phrases are well suited to the task of tying some proverbial "loose ends" of the previous sections of this presentation. The word, "Sophia"-Wisdom, was to many early Christian Gnostic factions, initially equated with the Triad of what later became known to the dogmatic male gender oriented Church as, "Father, Son and Holy Ghost", substituting "Sophia" as the feminine element. A review the facet equations found in the King and Queen sections, will recall the diameter multiple of the King value, 37 x 60 = 2220/PI = 706.64etc. x 3sq.rt. (the vesica ratio) 1.732etc. = 1223.95etc. (IXTHYES-Fishes-1224) /PI = 389.595etc., which is the sq. rt. of (1517)84.6. So this value is just a magnified decimal or "fish scaled" (pun intended) variant of the original equation.

This initial discovery led me to go looking for additional Greek gematric word and phrase values based on the Moon sq. multiple 41. I didn't have to look too far before I also found "Gnosis"-Knowledge-533 = 13 x 41, "Doza"-Glory-82 = 41 x 2, and "O' APXH"-The Beginning-779 = 19 x 41. Another review of the "Beginning" introduction of the Celestial Chess design section, will also recall the reference I made to the "Enigmatic Knight" equation:

The figure of the Knight in Celestial Chessworks, is rather unique in that it has two apparent frontal values denoting its dualistic state, which is somewhat intrinsic to its enigmatic movement across the board in two directions as well. This distinction is emphasized by the following equation which uses the facet ratios as multiples in the remaining figure's front/side perspectives as follows, King: (14 x 26=364) + Queen: (8 x 9=72) + Bishop: (10 x 14=140) + Rook: (13 x 5=65) + Pawn: (5 x 5=25), for a total of 666, which is the Sun square total of numbers 1-36 already presented. The Knight adds an interesting principal to the design as depth perception, or the inner/outer vision functions of the Eye and Mind. When the dual multiples of the Knight figure, are re-added to the rest of the set's total of 666 separately as; {13 x 7=91+666) + (14 x 7=98+666) =1521, the principal theme of numerical square values is preserved. This total is a double set of either 39²., or (13².=169 x 3².=9) to total 1521 . The relevant Greek word phrase that this square value corresponds to is appropriately enough, "Nous"-Mind- 720 + Peristera-Dove-801 or, Alpha-1+ Omega-800, both metaphors for "The Holy Spirit" in the Christian gnostic lexicon. Another phrase that conveys this concept is found in the total of the words, "Nous"-Mind-720 + "Ops"-Eye-1500, or "Phos"-Light-1500, which sum of 2220 equates to "Ego Alpha Kai Omega"- "I am Alpha and Omega", as another epithet of Christ. This value is 37 x 60. In the separate sections on the King, Knight, and Rook, additional information regarding theses phrases will be presented.

Some of those loose ends are starting to come together nicely I think, but before I go any further in this analysis, I would like to add another variant phrase to the aforesaid equation: "ARXH KAI SOPHIA"-Beginning(or Head)and Wisdom-1521 = 39²also. Knowledge of the Precession of the Heavens was once one of the most guarded secrets of ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, until later Greeks astronomers, ie; Hipparchus, still claimed by current outdated academics to have discovered this phenomena, spilled the beans. In order to delve into this precession topic futher, more analysis of the gematric phrase word "Dynamis" is necessary. The definition of "Power", is a bit too general to comprehend it's original intended concept of a "potential", expressed by the classical Greek philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, et al. The principal of, "dyna-mite" is an appropriate example in this case, eh? When this "potential" is activated, it becomes, "energia" or force, which is the effect of this causal potential. The Greek suffix "mis", applied to this word is feminine gender. These keywords, "Nous"-Mind-720, "Sophia"-Wisdom-781, and "Dynamis"-Power-705, are usually presented as interrelated terms coinciding with the concept of, "Psyche"-Soul-1708 according to these classic philosophers. One of the best definitions I have found so far for this much used but little understood word "Soul", comes from the NeoPlatonic philosopher Plotinus: The Soul With the Soul there is the beginning of time, and therefore of Creation (because Creation by its very nature requires sequence in which to occur). Whereas the Nous embraces the whole of the Noetic world in one timeless vision, the Soul's contemplation is forced to change from one thing to another. The Soul thus constitutes the Nous projected into Time. Although still creative and spiritual, is no longer eternal, or perfect in its consciousness. It cannot see things in a holistic and all-embracing way, but only successively, imperfectly, moment by moment, in terms of past and future. In keeping with Greek thought generally, Plotinus refers to an original cosmic and therefore Divine World-Soul, which is the creator of the visible cosmos, and the individual, for example the human, soul.

Time or better yet, timing is of the essence of "Soul" in this case, and time is just a condition of cycles or revolutions of heavenly bodies in motion, referenced by any predefined Alpha-beginning and Omega-end point such as the actual day I am writing this paragraph, being Jan.1, 2006. Cosmic or Universal Soul, World Soul and Human Soul, thus define the equivalent mind's conscious immersion and perception of greater and smaller cycles of the visible cosmos' physical bodies. As humans, we can only express our own particular mind's conscious perception of these cycles, as Day, Month, Year, etc. in words that have come down through the ages with reference to various deities associated with these cycles. But with the additional knowledge and wisdom of the intended hidden aspects of these word's construction, an additional level of Gnosis-Knowledge and "Noesis"-Understanding can be gained, sometimes with amazing and unbelievable results depending on one's biased educational upbringing usually. For an ancient Greek educated in both gematria and geo-metry(Earth-measure), the previously mentioned phrases, "ARXH KAI SOPHIA"-Beginning(or Head)and Wisdom-1521 = 39² and/or Nous-Mind-720 + (Alpha-1 + Omega-800)= 1521, would see these terms as being part of the "Earth's Soul" equated with the dimensions of the sphere's equatorial circumference measured in feet per second of the daily cycle of Thronos-499 + Abraxas-365 = 864 x 100 seconds per 24hr. day. The complete equation is 1521fps. x 86400 = 131,414,400 / 5280ft.(mi.) = 24,889.09etc. mile equatorial circumference, which is a mere 1-2 miles from our current defined measurements. Now isn't that just amazing and unbelievable?

With the addition of these new gematric terms, I have enough to complete a full equation of the magic square of the Moon 41 x 81 = 3321 , as the total of "Sophia-Wisdom-781 Kai-and-31 Psyche-Soul-1708" + "Peristera"-Dove-801 (or Alpha-Omega and/or Andro-Human-225 + Pneuma-Spirit-576). Voila! This bit of gemantic magic has another connotation as well. The beginning of the phrase totalling 2520, is the circumference of the last part 801 as its diameter. Additionally, using the ratio of 22/7 for Pi, gives an appendage to the 801 diameter of .818181etc. , which is the fraction 9/11. An interesting study of this pattern is found on the website of Robert Marshall and Iona Miller, called: The Auric Key

The Moon square 9 x 9 = 81 , was stated to correspond to the frontal "apparent" sum of the entire set of six figures, and the side to the "apparent" sum of the Venus square 7 x 7 = 49 , in the introduction section of the presentation. These two square's extended values as Moon: 1-81 = 3321 + Venus: 1-49 = 1225, totaling 4546 was also stated to summarize the "apparent" values of the first three figure's gematric correspondences as; (King - 40 x 37 = 1480) + (Bishop - 24 x 37 = 888) + (Queen equation 17 x 37 x 2 x vesica ratio 1.732etc. = 2178) = 4546. In his book "City of Revelation" , John Michell references a gematric correspondence pertaining to the Venus square value of 1225 as "En O'lon O'lwn"-One Ultimate Whole-1225, mentioned in Plato's Timaeus 33A , describing a unique cosmic sphere of "Ktysis Theou"-God's Creation-1224. Hmm, now where have we seen "that" value before in this production ?

Reiteration of the previous section's topics prepares the way for further analysis of the Knight's dual "apparent" front views. So how can this figure have two views occupying a single space. The concept behind this unusual situation is to demonstrate the "inner" and "outer" view of the figure simultaneously. When I first formulated this concept, I had no other choice but to draw the additional facet which divides the figure in half from top to bottom with a dotted line as shown in the next diagram. The most remarkable thing happened when I finally managed to create the 3-D version of the design in a computer simulated refractive crystal medium. The proverbial hidden facet "Revealed" itself as can be plainly seen in the animation heading above. OK, so I haven't gotten around to completing the remainder of the divisions of the wings in 3-D yet, as it has proven to be an extremely tedious undertaking of engineering on my program. I guess you'll just have to believe me when I state the number of facets it totals, eh? LOL! The "outer" facets are: Front-13 + Side-7 = 20. When multiplied by SC-37, it produces the Greek gematric value of, "Ktisis"-Creation-740 and/or "Kyklos"-Circle-740. These two terms "dovetail" seemlessly into the joints of this discussion's key theme. The "inner" total is: Front-14 + Side-7 = 21. And when multiplied by SC-37 produces the Greek gematric total of "Stauros"-Cross-777, and also the phrase "Ta Enonta"-777, meaning "The Inner Nature of Man". Well now, what do we get when we put the two together but one of the most ancient symbols of the Earth itself, a "cross within a circle". Rather than present a lengthy discussion on the historical use of this symbol, I'll just direct the reader to a website that does that adequately enough: Earth Symbol

One can only wonder how one symbol has come down through the ages in so many diverse cultures with so many different yet similar meanings. Or the reader can keep on reading this presentation, LOL! If you visited the link above, then it's time to do a bit of gematric parlor magic with the contents found there such as the following; Wuotan or Woden was the supreme god of the Nordic religion before Christianity. Odin was the god of art, culture, warfare, and the dead; depicted as an old, one-eyed man with two ravens as his intelligence agents and messengers. This passage is in reference to what is known as "Odin or Woden's Cross" emblem. The two "Ravens" can be gematrically demonstrated as the union of Sophia-Wisdom-781 + Peristera-Dove-801 = 1582, or 2 x "Korax"-Raven-791. Their names were Huginn-Thought and Muninn-Memory. Ta Da! Interesting also was the Horse he rode called "Slepnir" which had eight legs. Hmm! This story is probably as old as Noah in the Bible, and for good reason too!

The two separate components of the Cross and Circle emblem as numerical factors show a correspondence to the motion of the Knight on the Chessboard as a 2/3 square positional ratio. Two thirds of "Peristera-Dove-801 =(inner) 534, and likewise, "Korax"-Raven-791 = (outer)527. These two values are the sum of the next equation that links the King and Queen multiples of (364 + 72 = 436) + (Knight-"inner"- 7 x 14 = 98) = 534, and (Knight-"outer"- 7 x 13 = 91) = 527. This equation was previously demonstrated in the Bishop section as the sum of King/Queen-436 + (Bishop- 10 x 14 = 140) = "Pneuma"-Spirit- 576, or 24sq. Continuing with the theme of "Ktisis"-Creation-740 and "Kyklos"-Circle-740, many myths of ancient cultures such as the Native American tribes of Alaska and the North West territories describe this process as being performed by a "Korax"-Raven-791. A Solar symbol of the ancient Chinese also depicts a "Raven within a Circle". This association is also found in the classic Greek myth of the Korax as being a messenger of the solar deity "Apollo". In these myths, Apollo is stated to have turned the "Korax" from White to Black. These associations have an astronomical connotation of the Sun's rays reflecting in the Moon's phases alternating between New and Full cycle. So it should come as no surprise to learn that the total of the two aspects of this cycle of the Semi-Celestial Knight alternating between the light and dark squares of the Chessboard should total: "Inner"-534 + "Outer"-527 = "Apollon"-1061.

The "Plotinus" Thickens

The "Stauros"-Cross-777 and "Kyklos"-Circle-740 emblem of the Earth is not a static one, but describes the revolutionary motion of it's orbit around the Sun. The King and Queen formula referenced above plays a major factor in the development of this dynamic process. The King formula: 60 x SC-37 = 2220 / PI = 706.6479etc. / 2 x 3 = 1059.97 or 1060 x 3sq.rt = 1835.925etc. or 1836 This is the value of "Sophia kai Dynamis"-Wisdom and Power-1517 + "H'lios"-Sun-318 = 1835 + 1. The phrase previously made in the Queen section of "To Arreton"-The Ineffable-(27 x SC-37 = 999) / PI = 317.99 or 318-H'lios-Sun. Next comes the Bishop equation of: "Pneuma"-Spirit-576 or 24sq. x 365.2422(yr.cycle) / 360 degrees = 584.3875etc. x PI = 1835.907etc. or 1836. Well if that doesn't have the reader's Nous spinning by now, then how about this one? The average mean distance of the Earth to the Sun is stated to be 93 million miles. This radius value equates to the Greek gematric word "Agape"-Love-93. The circumference of a circle of this radius is 93 x 2 x PI =584.3362etc. Note the similarity to the previous equation yet? Extending the equation out in miles gives the value of "Apollon"-1061 x 2 x PI = 6666.46. This value muliplied by 10 is the average mph speed of the Earth around the Sun as follows: 66664.6 x 24hrs. x 365.2422 days = 58,436,926.99 miles / PI = 18,601,054mi. / 2 = 93,005,273.81 mile radius. Kind of makes one wonder where that old phrase; "Agape"-Love-93, makes the world go "Around" came from, eh? By now, it should be fairly apparent to the reader that some of the ancient Greeks not only had a very good "Gnosis" of the Cosmos, they also had a very novel and intriguing way of expressing this knowledge in their so called myths.

End of Pt.1

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