The White Knight is talking Backwards!

"Whether something or other is Wrong, is not Impotent. What IS Impotent, is whether something or other, Jes ain't Right!" (Paraphrased from the philosopher "Billy the Custodian")

This philosophy aptly applies to the topic of the "Precession of the Equinox" and its "Actual" versus its "Apparent" motion and underlying causes. The more one researches all of the available and vastly redundant information on the internet regarding it, the more unusual it becomes. In recent years, it has become a very controversial subject of debate, due in part to the heightened awareness of the transition of the Piscinian month, to the next of Aquarius at various dates given by all knowledgeable portentuous proclaimers. Another reason for this debate, is it's potential to be used in the somewhat new field of astro-archaeology, to determine celestial alignments of ancient buildings, temples, pyramids shafts etc. to certain stars at a specific date. Therefore, accuracy is a prime factor in making certain connections and theories regarding the construction of these ancient monuments.

Trying to correlate the current theories and data on this topic with that which "Appears" in the facet structure equations of the Semi-Celestial Knight is a challenge, but none the less relevant to its indepth understanding. As one looks at the overall structure of the figure, showing the division lines of the Wings, there appears to be a total of four horizontal and eight sections total, attached to the main truncated center. This feature of the figure was initially meant to represent, four basic levels of understanding and or awareness available to human perception as described in the philosophy of an interesting mystic character named G.I. Gurdjieff. Before I expound on the basis of his description of that awareness however, I need to present a summary of the current precessional models and theories that are being described today.

The prevailing current view of the academic world including the International Astronomic Union (IAU), and the International Earth Rotation and Reference Service, (IERR), not to mention the US Naval Observatory, is called the "Luni-Solar Gravitational" theory or fact as they believe it to be. This model goes all the way back to the illustrious personage of Sir Isaac Newton himself, who described it as a result of the gravitational torque effects of the Moon and Sun on the Earth's revolving sphere causing it to "wobble" or precess like a gyrating top. No doubt Sir Isaac was just showing off his newly formulated theory of the force of gravity in his book "Principia", published and presented to the Royal Society of England around 1687. He even went through the gargantuan task of trying to calculate the mass ratios of the Earth and Moon to prove it, as nothing it seems was beyond the capacity of his equally gargantuan intellect or ego, LOL! His calculation stated the ratio to be Earth-40 : Moon-1, which as it turns out was only around half correct, as current calculations specify the ratio to be, Earth-81 : Moon-1 interestingly enough. The coincidence of this ratio to the magic square of the Moon-9sq. inversely applied is noted.

Needless to say, science has been trying to clean up this error and adding additional factors to the model such as the obliquity of the Earth's axis variances, and another related "wobble" called the "Chandler Effect", which purports to have a connection to the Moon's Saros cycle or Nodal Axis' as it crosses the plane of the Earth's equator on its monthly revolutions. Strangely enough, this topic also seems to be in the news lately, as it appears that this cycle has been slowing down since around 1999 to what is now reported to be a complete standstill currently, as shown in this website reference Hmmm! Earth Stands Still What's Up with That I wonder. :) Oh well, perhaps it is a good thing for a body to take a pause now and then, and take "stock" of all this controversy about orbits and revolutions etc., even for a body the size of the Earth itself, eh? Speaking of taking "stock" of this situation, I am reminded of a famous remark made by another favorite author of mine named Samuel Clemmons, aka Mark Twain, who had just lost a sizable fortune he had once invested in the newfangled Edison Power Co.'s DC generating electrical facilities in New York, at a time when a competing faction led by Nicolai Tesla and George Westinghouse was going public with their newer AC generated electric powerplant at Niagra Falls. "If there's a Consensus against it,,Don't Copper it!"

So what are some of the other Consensuses, being leveled at the prevailing model of the Earth's? precession. The brightest "Star" (pun intended!) of these new theories, is that being promoted by a group called (what else?), The Sirius Research Group This site's information gives a compelling case along with some strong basic observational research into the anomolous motion of the Sirius star system, which is known to be a binary or perhaps even a trinary star system according to some sources. It states that this anomolous motion doesn't follow the prescribed variance rate of the sidereal yearly cycle of precession as measured along the ecliptic plane of the Solar System. It states that the precessional phenomena is due to a synchronous phase orbit of the Sun and accompanying Solar system with the Sirius star group. Now there's something to pause and consider eh? It even comes with an historic religious precedence regarding this star in the ancient annals of Egypt's yearly flooding of the Nile conjunction, bringing with it the former populace's continued prosperity of agricultural bounty, due no doubt to the formidable incantations and intercessions of that culture's priesthood. Heh heh! Well no doubt, something is happening way down in the Southern hemisphere of the Celestial Vault, so to speak.

The next consensus to present is the studies of another group called,Binary Research Institute The prevailing theory of this organization is that the Sun and Solar System is in an orbit around some as yet undiscovered, either a brown dwarf star or the like, which prevents its current observation. The one thing both of these two studies conclude with a high degree of certainty, is that the Earth doesn't "Wobble"! It is the motion of the entire Solar System that accounts for the observable fact of precession. Bravo to both of these highly intelligent groups for unmasking the charade of Sir Issac Newton's Luni-Solar Emperor Wobbling down Precessional street Naked! LOL! In view of these two consensus's deliberations, where does that lead one towards calculating a valid "Actual" motion and periodicity cycle or model of the Great Precessional Year? All of the current model calculations have been proven inadequate over the entire course of the cycle as mentioned in the blatant remarks found in the Binary Research Institute's website report:

Calculated precession rates over the last 100 years show increasing precession rates which produce a declining precession cycle period. There is no reason the relatively constant mass of the Sun and Moon torquing the Earth should produce such figures. There is every reason a binary system would – because these numbers are not caused solely by local mass torquing – they are annual rates of our Sun’s path around it’s binary in a elliptical orbit. They will increase and decrease as the Sun speeds up and slows down as required by elliptical orbits (according to Kepler’s laws). In the lunisolar model, if this trend were extended in either direction by a few million years one could say precession was once non-existent – and in the future, the earth will wobble so fast that we will all eventually fall off. We only know the historical geological record, which indicates a cyclical pattern –like an orbit.

To give the reader a more graphic demonstration of this situation, I managed to locate another website run by an independent astrological association in Turkey which presents its findings along these same conclusions as shown in the next illustration. Precession Graph Now those are some "Sirius" calculations! LOL! What they do in intricate detail, is demonstrate how all of the current Luni-Solar model calculations that are in use in astronomical graphic software BTW, literally fall off the ordinate of the chart, after deviating sharply around +-8000JY's., or around half the alledged orbital cycle.

In other words, any astronomic graphic software used to calculate precession dates of certain monuments alledgedly older than the effective range of these models, are going out on a very weak limb so to speak. What the graph should display, is a simple sinusoidal wave form which carries the orbital variance parameters (+ -) around an average rate. But that is the unknown factor at play in this situation, as no one has been around long enough to assess the entire cycle, and all of the available ancient literature regarding it is extremely vague and even mystically obscured, no doubt on purpose. So what the "Blue Bleezes" does all this information have to do with the Semi-Celestial Knight of Celestial Chessworks? Glad you asked!

Precessional Parameters of the Semi-Celestial Knight

As long as all these new "consensuses" are being formulated of late, I thought I might as well add another one to the fray. I mean so long as some folks are going out on a proverbial thin limb here, why not join them. At least I have something to hold onto in case it breaks, LOL! The reader will perhaps recall in Pt.1 of this section, the equation of the (dual) Knight's "Inner-534" and "Outer-527" apparent facet multiples added to the King and Queen generative formula, that was then combined to total 1061-Apollon .This equation was shown to have an association to the orbital rate of the Earth around the Sun. It also has an interesting association to the orbital parameters of the precessional phenomena as follows. First of all, these two values are very close to the ratio of the 365:360 Time/Space equation that was mentioned in the beginning of this presentation, concerning the "Actual" facet total of the entire set as, 219:216 . Also mentioned in Pt.1, was the "Actual" number of the Knight's facet total of 41, and it's association to the magic square of the Moon-9sq.

Therein lies a clue to the Semi-Celestial Knight's Precessional monthly parameter variances, being a multiple of these two factors as follows. First the "Outer" or apparent to the physical senses equation of the figure as: 41 x 527 = 21607. This is taken to represent a 10-fold magnification of the "Canonical" or traditional monthly cycle of 2160yrs. It may even turn out to be an actual average mean rate to it afterall. Which reasoning makes the (+ -) variances of the cycle to be found in a range relative to it. It's orbital value multiplied by 12 Mos. is 25,928.4 in this case, or a mere 8.4yrs. at odds with the traditional value of 25,920yrs. So far so good, now for the second part of the dual equation using the same formula for the "Inner" value as 41 x 534 = 21894, and again taking this to represent a 10th. multiple of the month's extreme parameters both (+ -) of the aforesaid average mean value. This gives a total of 26,272.8yrs. for the cycle, with a difference from the mean of, 344.4yrs. plus and also minus for a total of 688.8yrs. variance overall.

At this point in this purely speculative analogy of the Knight's association to the precession cycle, I wonder if any of the readers of the presentation from its beginning introductory section are perhaps getting another unusual sense of deja-vu regarding this total variance figure? If the answer is yes, then I applaud your attention span, LOL! This value was stated in the introduction section as being the circumference sum of the diameter value of the facet set total or, 219 x PI = 688, disregarding the fractional remainder in the current aspect of its significance in this case. The value 688 was stated to be a multiple related to the value 43 mentioned in F.Bligh Bond's synopsis,Gematria pertaining to the description of the phrase,"To Musterion-The Mystery-1548, and this was related to the cube of 64, whose face total is16 x 43 = 688 . The ratio 688:1548 is equivalent to 4:9 in this case. If nothing else, I have once again demonstrated this design's unusual feature of being a "Holographic" model, wherein the parts, contain the information of the Whole. This curiosity is better described as a "Fractal Variance" of the Whole actually. For those readers unfamiliar with this concept, which is a part of "Chaos Theory" formulations, the original equation parameters are re-added or "Iterated" into the initial formula in a feedback loop, that over a certain period of iterations, reforms the original equation or even an image, although in a skewed or obscure manner. The key curiousity however, is just how close is this aspect of the Semi-Celestial Knight's precessional parameters to the actual cycle? Only time will tell!

Beelzebub's Buried Dog!

Now that I have presented this feature of the Knight figure, I can now go back to my initial discussion of the division of the Wings of the Knight and its original inspiration formulated over 24 years ago now, from the tenets of awareness, expressed by the formidably controversial mystic character know as "Gurdjieff". He has been something of an icon in my overall studies over the years, and to many others as well it looks like. It is a bit ironic then, that I should find this reference to him in the course of the research I made for this section concerning the precessional Semi-Celestial Knight:PrecessParadox

*The Relativity of the Concept of Time* "First of all, you must know that in calculating Time the ...beings of that planet (Earth) take the 'year' as the basic unit ...and they define the duration of their 'year' as the time it takes for their planet to make a certain movement in relation to another cosmic concentration - that is to say, the period during which their planet, in the process of 'falling' and 'catching up', describes ...a ... revolution around its sun." "But since ... you do not yet have any idea of the exceptional peculiarities of Time, you must first be told that genuine Objective Science defines this cosmic phenomenon thus:Time in itself does not exist, there is only the totality of the results issuing from all the cosmic phenomena present in a given place. Time in itself no being can understand by Reason or perceive by any outer or inner being-function. It is possible to evaluate Time only by comparing different cosmic phenomena occurring under the same conditions and in the same place where Time is being considered. It should be noted that in the Great Universe all phenomena, without exception, wherever they arise and are manifest, are simply successive, lawful 'fractions' of some whole phenomenon which has its prime arising on the '... Sun Absolute'.In consequence, all cosmic phenomena, wherever they proceed, have an 'objective' significance. Time alone has no objective significance, since it is not the result of the fractionating of any definite cosmic phenomenon. Issuing >from nothing, but always blending with everything while remaining self-sufficiently independent, Time alone in the whole of the Universe can be named and extolled as the 'Ideally-Unique-Subjective-Phenomenon'. Thus, ...Time unique in having no source on which its origin depends, and it alone, like 'divine Love' always flows independently and blends proportionately with all the phenomena present in all the arisings in any given place in our Great Universe." "...since Time has no source of its arising, and its presence cannot be precisely established, as can be done for all other phenomena in every cosmic sphere, Objective Science has, for its examination of Time, ...(a) standard unit.... Objective Science has established ....that all ...beings ...sense the ....action, by which they define Time, forty-nine times more slowly than it is sensed ....on the ... Sun Absolute. Consequently, the process of the flow of Time is forty-nine times quicker for the beings on ....planet Earth ....than ...on the Sun Absolute." G.I. Gurdjieff (1872-1949) , "All and Everything - Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson"

"If Gurdjieff had intended his meaning to be readily accessible to every reader, he would have written the book differently. He himself used to listen to chapters read aloud, and if he found that key passages were taken too easily - and therefore almost inevitably too superficially - he would rewrite them in order, as he put it, to "bury the dog deeper." When people corrected him and said that he surely meant "bury the bone deeper," he would turn on them and say it is not the 'bones' but the 'dog' that you have to find. The dog is Sirius, the dog star, which stands for the spirit of wisdom in the Zoroastrian tradition." J.G. Bennett (1897-1974) , "Gurdjieff - Making a New World" IMPORTANT: The period of revolution period for Sirius B around Sirius A is about 49 years. Sirius is the central

Actually, these "tenets of awareness" were presented by his somewhat well known student and author named P.D. Ouspensky, in his book that expounded certain concepts of Gurdjieff called, In Search of the Miraculous. The Knight's Wing divisions represent the traditional paths or ways of understanding that can be described by examples of their methods known as the way of the Fakir, the Monk, the Yogi, and the fourth, vaguely suggested as the Sly Man. The objective of these paths or ways is to merge or integrate one's knowledge into their very being completely, in order to actually live according to their knowledge and understanding, which is a lot harder to do than one can imagine. The Fakirs do tremendous work on their physical being in order to acquire a strong "Will" power to do near impossible feats. The Fakir usually doesn't work on other aspects of their being enough to accomplish anything else of significance towards this objective however. The Monk works on their emotional state and acquires a great abiding Faith in God, and empathy for all of their fellow creatures on Earth including an occasional human, Heh hen! The Yogi does tremendous mental concentration gymnastics in order to gain the necessary knowledge of this objective (and become smarter than the average Bear, eh Boo Boo?), but usually doesn't acquire the physical ability or the emotional stability to complete this objective. Each of these ways are slightly better off than the previous one however, but all fall short of the goal. Which leads to the nature of the elusive 4th. path or way known as the Sly Man as expressed by Gurdjieff, who tries to accomplish all three of these requirements or paths simultaneously in their normal everyday daily life. Or to give a quote from a personal friend and Jungian astrologer named Alice O. Howell, who has recently completed and published a book of her own on the equinox precession symbolism which will be available around May this year, "Look for the sacred in the commonplace." The Heavens Declare

These paths are expressed in the 4 divisions of the Knight's Wing. The last division is partitioned by the mysterious "Hidden Facet", giving rise to this entire production of Celestial Chessworks according to another teaching of Gurdjieff's, that he probably acquired during his many travels throughout the Middle East around the turn of the last century. The very structure of these tenets fits the descending or merging states of Knowledge and Being found in the Wings until one has reached the fourth divisional state and has totally merged them both, thereby entering into the realm of Heaven within according to the above graphic which is depicted in this pattern below:

"Those that know not, and know not they know not". Are fools, shun them.

"Those that know not, and know they know not" Are asleep, wake them

"Those that know, and know not they know" Are children, teach them

"Those that know, and know they know" Are wise, follow them

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