OK, so that's enough "Hot Air", legalese, mumbo jumbo for one day, although I'm not so unsure as to whether that is what keeps many companies off the ground or at least out of the "Mudhole" these days! :) As the late great martial artist Bruce Lee once said, "Whatever works,,use it!"

Simply stated, Celestial Chessworks, Inc. has been established to promoted, develop, manufacture and license to manufacture the patented Chess art of its author, yours truly! Any and all material mediums and methods of presentation will be created and marketed in the future of the company, but its highest expression will be that of Lead crystal or a similar optically refractive material. Until such time as this process has reached "Fruition", many additional items or marketing and advertising materials will be available for sale. You know, the usual corporate promotional stuff you see everyday. Much of which you may find educational as well as entertaining.